Thank you. To Dr Raven, and all medical workers on the frontline!

Help and support are pouring in from people in Malaysia, as Malaysia copes with COVID-19 and the nation needs more kind-hearted and passionate people to come forward to help the needy.
This includes Dr. Raven, CEO of Monspace Medical Clinic. When the nation called on doctors to join the frontline rescue work, he joined without hesitation, treating patients day and night.
To do this, he must wear heavy protective clothing for up to eight hours every day. Although he is mentally and physically exhausted, he believes we are worth fighting for.
Dr Raven’s sacrifice is a testament of the integrity of all medical professionals in Malaysia.
Thank you. To Dr Raven, and all medical workers on the frontline. Thank you for putting service above self for the nation.
这群人当中,就包括了Monspace medical clinic的CEO, Dr Raven。
Dr Raven是一名优秀以及专业的医师,当国家征询医生加入前线的救援工作时,他义无反顾地加入,日以继夜的救治病患。
为了救援,他每天都必须穿上厚重又闷热的防护衣,每当救援工作告一段落脱下防护衣会发现浑身是汗,非常狼狈。但为了支援前线,Dr Raven认为这是值得的。
Dr Raven舍己救人的专业精神,是一个缩影,代表了这个国家整个医疗人员的节操。
谢谢Dr Raven,谢谢前线的医护人员,谢谢你们奉献自我,协助国家与病毒搏斗。