World is dying due to NCDs and this should be looked into seriously

Non-communicable diseases have proven to be the world’s most fatal illnesses. In the next 10 years, NCDs are projected to kill nearly 41 million people worldwide and cause billions of dollars in losses.

“The world is dying due to NCDs and this should be looked into seriously,” Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai told Bernama after presenting a paper entitled ‘Fighting Global NCDs’ at the one-day Summit of Leaders 2019, themed ‘Leaders who define future, future that defines leaders’, at Oxford Town Hall.

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Monspace Multinational Corp and runs exercise clinics in numerous places in Malaysia, said the representatives from the clinics recently conducted health screen tests and physical assessments for the residents of the Tanjung Piai, where 63 per cent of a total of 143 individuals have been tested positive for NCDs and half of them were unaware of their conditions.

“Death due to NCDs has become a worrying trend in Malaysia where according to the statistics released by Health Ministry, about 50 per cent of those having NCDs in the country are not aware that they have such diseases,” saids Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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