【The MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic 2018 Overview】

【The MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic 2018 Overview】

Founded in 2016, the MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic aims to help alleviate four deadly NCDs: high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol; by providing professional medical diagnosis and fitness advice. MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic has rolled out 5 branches in Malaysia and Indonesia and plan to achieve 20 branches in 2019.

The International Sports Medicine Science Committee, a professional organisation composed of the World Health Organisation’s Noncommunicable Disease Control Unit, the European Medical Association, and the Malaysian MS Sports Medicine Team; has been co-organising the World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM) since 2017. The purpose of the conference is to seek solutions to the growing problem of non-communicable diseases worldwide.

In 2017, the MS Sports Medicine Team successfully hosted the first World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM). In 2018, we once again hosted the second WCEM.

The 2nd WCEM was held at the Hotel Equatorial in Malacca, Malaysia from October 24th to 26th, 2018. We have invited more than 700 medical authorities from more than 33 countries around the world to participate in this seminar and discuss over 60 health topics.

In November 2018, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai and Dr. Lee flew to Hungary to meet Dr. Tamas, vice rector for general affairs of the renowned University of Physical Education in Budapest, Hungary. The meeting allowed them to discuss hosting WCEM 2020 in Budapest, with the university as co-organiser.

Last but not least, the first Monspace Medical Clinic is set to launch by Q1 2019.

【MS NEW SYMPHONY 运动医疗诊所2018年终回顾】

于2016年创立的MS NEW SYMPHONY运动医疗诊所旨在通过提供专业的医疗诊断和健身建议,协助减轻四大致命疾病:高血压、肥胖、糖尿病和高胆固醇。至今已经在马来西亚和印尼开了5家诊所分行,也计划在2019年达到20家分行。



第二届国际运动医疗研讨会于2018年10月24至26日在马来西亚马六甲Hotel Equatorial主办,主办单位MS运动医疗邀请了全球超过33个国家、逾700位的医学权威参与本届的研讨会,共同讨论60个健康课题。

2018年11月,拿督斯里赖彩云与李建平博士(Dr.Lee)飞往匈牙利首都布达佩斯(Budapest, Hungary)与当地著名的体育大学匈牙利布达佩斯体育大学(University of Physical Education)总务部副校长(vice rector for general affairs )Dr.Tamas进行会面,商议与该体育大学联办2020年国际运动医疗之相关事宜,并提议布达佩斯为2020年WCEM的主办地点。

最后, 满星云的第一家医疗诊所也即将在2019年的第一季度开张 !