【The Monspace Indonesia 2018 Overview】

【The Monspace Indonesia 2018 Overview】

Monspace Indonesia showcased two highlights in 2018. In September, it founded MSP LIFE (offline) and MSPMall (online). MSP LIFE is the first shopping guide mobile app available in the Indonesian market. It is also the main highlight of Monspace Indonesia’s operation in 2018.

MSP Life is a convenient shopping guide, with information about restaurants, beauty centre, health and wellness centres, furniture shops, hotels, and electronics etc. So users can easily search for product information within the app.

Users are also able to search for the location of merchants. The app will provide maps, merchant information and product information.

The best about MSP LIFE is its points reward system. Users can use MSP LIFE to check for merchants who accept MSP for transactions, and receive promotions and rewards.

As of 2018, MSP LIFE has acquired 500 partner merchants, and expects to see up to 5000 or more in 2019.

On 1 November 2018, Monspace Indonesia launches the MSPL membership. It expects to reach its goal of 100,000 members in 2019.


印尼Monspace于2018年有两大亮点计划,即使9月创立了MSP LIFE (offline)以及MSPMall (online),尤其MSP LIFE更是印尼电子商务界首创的消费指南APP,也是Monspace Indonesia于2018年的重点企划。

MSP Life是一款极为便利的商品指南,MSP Life网罗了印尼各式各样的商家,包括餐厅、美容机构、健康医疗中心,家电行,酒店、电子产品等,让客户能不费吹灰之力就能在MSP Life内查询欲知的产品资讯。

同时,客户还能通过MSP Life搜索合作商家的位置,并能提供该商店的周边地图、商家的基本资讯以及产品介绍。

而MSP Life最成功之处在于其之积分优惠系统,客户能通过MSP Life查询接受MSP积分消费的合作商家以换取优惠奖励。

截至2018年,MSP LIFE的合作商机已达已经拥有500家,估计在2019年将会达到5000家或更多的商家加盟。