【The CPMALL 2018 Overview】

【The CPMALL 2018 Overview】

In order to better engage customer needs and improve their online shopping experience, Monspace will continue to expand its product catalog so visitors can shop with confidence. In 2018, Monspace upgraded its e-mall and created a new online shopping platform, CP Mall.

CP Mall’s vision and goal is to become a leading international online shopping and retailing platform; one that encompasses international big brands, local brands, internet best selling brands, and authorised resellers.

CP Mall offers a wide range of shopping options. Currently, this includes fashion, baby products, home and lifestyle products, health and beauty products, and a wide range of electronic and electrical products at reasonable prices.

At the same time, CP Mall pays great attention to the quality of its products. All flagship stores and certified stores on CP Mall have undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure that customers are buying and receiving quality products. At the same time, stores on CP Mall must have positive seller’s rating and good operational performance.

Most importantly, the online shopping mall is completely “customer-oriented”, with 24 hours round-the-clock customer service and first-class delivery services, it is determined to let customers enjoy the best possible shopping experience.

CP Mall has also been recognized by industry authorities for its excellent quality of goods and services. On 23 October 2018, the China Electronic Commerce Association awarded CP Mall with the “China E-Commerce Integrity Demonstration Unit” honorary certificate.

On 20 December 2018, CP Mall was invited by the 2018 World Conference for Electronic Commerce (WCEC 2018) as its exclusive digital technical support unit, due to its outstanding big data processing capabilities.

CP Mall also won the “2018 Innovative E-Commerce Business Award” at the conference, as a form of recognition by the organisers, including the China E-Commerce Association.


为了更好并持续性的关注客户需求和网购体验,满星云决提供持续扩大产品目录以让网购者可以放心购物,2018年,满星云为商城进行升级,重新设计一个全新的网购新平台——橙宝网(CP Mall)






2018年12月20日,橙宝网以突出的大数据处理能力受2018世界电子商务(WCEC 2018)邀请成为大会的独家数字会务技术支持单位。