【The ASEAN Blockchain Davos Forum 2018 Overview】

【The ASEAN Blockchain Davos Forum 2018 Overview】

The largest and most authoritative blockchain event held in the ASEAN region, “ASEAN Blockchain Davos Forum” was held on 2-3 December 2018 at the Golden Horse Palace in Kuala Lumpur.

This large-scale industry event was jointly sponsored by the ASEAN Economic Research Institute and the ChainAngel Group and Battlechain. It also received professional supervision from the China Electronic Commerce Association, the China Electronic Commerce Association Internet Finance Research Institute, and the China Electronic Commerce Association Financial Technology Research Institute.

The ASEAN Blockchain Davos Forum invited global blockchain leaders, investment agency experts, scholars, more than 200 blockchain media outlets and 3,000 people to attend this forum.

Experts at the conference discussed more than 20 topics, through presentations, workshops, and round-table discussions. Experts shared their views on the physical operation of blockchain, future prospects, and strengths.

Due to overwhelmingly positive response, the organizers have decided to continue hosting large-scale forums, gathering the world’s top experts to accelerate the innovation of blockchain through professional collaboration and information exchange.

【东盟区块链达沃斯论坛 2018年终回顾】

堪称是东盟地区举办的最具规模与权威的区块链盛会“东盟区块链达沃斯论坛”于2018年12月2日(星期日)与12月3日(星期一)在吉隆坡金马皇宫大酒店(Palace of the Golden Horses)隆重举办。