SOFO Health Chair Conference Draws to Perfect Close

SOFO was founded in 1997. Based in Guangzhou, it is a corporation that specialises in the research, production, sales and service of health assets.

In 2015, its production base was moved to Dongguan Industrial City to allow seamless integration between the production and supply chains.

In 2018, SOFO adopted a brand new operation model. It focused on using the combination of public health + sharing + big data to create Asia’s first smart seating upgrade service for public spaces.

The 21st century is abuzz with man’s pursuit of health. As the economy develops at an accelerating rate, our pace of life has also picked up significantly. More and more people are living less than healthy lives, increasing our concern about health.

Against this background, the health industry has found a new point of growth. SOFO has observed and tapped into this trend to launch its new version of smart massage chairs.

Following that, SOFO positioned these massage chairs as a way of improving public health through public sharing. It offers the upgrading of seating and services at public spaces to improve visitors’ experience and comfort at waiting lounges. It has collaborated with airports, rail stations, transportation hubs, hospitals, government offices and more, making the health chairs accessible to all. This completely upends the impression that massage chairs are luxurious, unaffordable items, and turn them into everyday facilities that anyone can enjoy!


索弗(SOFO)成立于1997年,总部位于中国广东省。该公司是一家专业从事高科技保健品研发、生产、销售和服务的公司。 2015年,其生产基地搬迁至东莞工业城,从而实现了制造与供应链的无缝整合。