SOFO 2017-2018 Sales Strategy and Business Report

SOFO was founded in 1997. Based in Guangzhou, it is a corporation that specialises in the research, production, sales and service of health products.

SOFO focuses on four main pillars: Chinese massage, physiotherapy, beauty and exercise. Dozens of its products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. The company is a certified ISO9000 Quality Management Systems, ISO13485 Medical Devices Quality Management Systems, QC 080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management, and UL CE CB KC.

With the advancement of tech, smart home living is inevitable. The market demands it as our quality of life increases, and the future of smart furniture and home living is not to be underestimated.

This year, SOFO is expanding its business at an even faster pace, targeting to create 2,000 health centres (SOFO Paradise) around the world to promote healthy living.

In 2017, SOFO’s core business direction is to enable healthy lifestyles through quality products. To bring this to life, they launched a brand new massage chair. Branded as elegant, youthful, and energetic, this product overhauls the conventional perception that massage chairs are always bulky and clumsy.

This new model of massage chair reclines to a maximum of 132 degrees. Notably, users only need to leave 10cm between the chair and the wall behind it. This is a great improvement compared to conventional massage chairs, where 0.5-1.0m is required.

The company also predicts that they would reach 10 trillion dollars in net worth by 2025. Their promise is to continue innovating and developing products that would help provide a healthy and luxurious lifestyle to the modern consumer.



2017年,索弗更是迅速扩展其业务,计划於全球设立2000家居家健康交流中心(SOFO Paradise 索物优),推广更优质与健康的生活方式。而接下来,索弗将会陆续推出更多设计优良的智能居家产品,满足客户对健康产品的需求。