See Hua Daily News: Mon Space provides free health services in over 20 clinics nationwide

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Concerned for the health of its members, Mon Space Multinational Corp is setting up 20 clinics all over the nation in 2017 to provide free health services to all members.

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai revealed that each clinic costs RM2 million to set up, and will primarily be encouraging a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

She said that patients living with long term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure etc depend highly on an active and healthy lifestyle to keep their health in check. Providing free healthcare and advise to these people is not only noble, it is also necessary.

Mon Space Multinational Corp held a carnival on 4 Nov, where 50,000 people were present. The event includes musical concerts, the launch of the clinics, and even a Chinese Chess tournament, which was eventually won by a contestant from China.