New app by Monspace called MS CHANNEL

There are several key highlights this year. Firstly, a new app by Monspace called MS CHANNEL. It brings you all the latest updates about businesses and activities in Monspace, including founder and CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai’s blog, business progress, latest activities, news about Monspace, plus photo and video galleries of our activities. MSC Headlines is designed to be user friendly, with a simple home page that is easy to navigate. The rich information provided on the platform also allows users to get the latest updates about the company.

而今年的年会也有好几项重要的计划推介,第一项是满星云最新推出的APP——MSC头条。“MSC头条”集合了满星云所有业务与活动的最新资讯,包括集团执行长拿督斯里赖彩云的部落格更新、企业的业务进展、企业最新活动消息、集团相关的新闻、活动相册以及活动视频等。 MSC头条采用用户为本的体验设计,界面一目了然,易于搜索资讯,让用户能迅速并随时随地掌握以及获取集团的最新动态。