MONSPACE Multinational Corp Launches First MonGalaxy App


Bringing Entertainment and Corporate News To Your Fingertips


Following the popularity of mobile usage across the globe and the market demand for everything convenient, mobile apps were developed to seamlessly integrate all aspects of life into our mobile devices; be it socialising, entertainment, knowledge, productivity, or more.

MonGalaxy is a multipurpose app developed for the customers of MONSPACE. It aggregates news about our businesses and deliver them efficiently to our subscribers across the world, encouraging a tight-knit communication loop. MonGalaxy will ensure that our customers are getting accurate information and updates right from the official source. We can also easily broadcast news about events or activities over the app. It makes communication highly efficient.

Users can login to the app by creating an account, or with their Facebook or WeChat accounts to save time and effort.

In future, MonGalaxy would further explore TV and reality shows. Users would be able to stream TV series, movies, and music on the app. MONSPACE will also import popular shows from overseas, so users can enjoy a variety of good shows on the app.

MONSPACE is confident that MonGalaxy will rise to become a leading entertainment brand, offering the latest and most exciting news to its users across the globe.