Monspace Multinational Corp Launches Debut Stageplay Featuring Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai’s Biography

Monspace Multinational Corp Launches Debut Stageplay Featuring Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai’s Biography

Monspace will be staging its debut play at the Hotel Nouvelle, Serdang on 18 and 19 June, and 7 and 8 July. The play features Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai’s life story and her arduous journey to success.

Lai is a renown Malaysian entrepreneur and philanthropist. She founded her career in e-commerce and created Monspace Mall, which has since expanded into many countries and amassed millions of members.

Today, Monspace has its mark in telecommunications, finance, hospitality and tourism, beauty, f&b, entertainment, real estate etc. The corporation will soon be listed on OTC stocks trading, and Lai’s exceptional leadership has been publicly recognised—first with a Queen Victoria’s Medal by the European Business Association (EBA)), and then a Quality Achievements Award by the ESQR.

“My journey was never smooth sailing, though it might have seem so to many. I had to overcome many challenges to be here. I am immensely thankful to those who have helped me persevere, and now I know to appreciate every opportunity I have,” said Monspace CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.

This play features the life story of Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, and she hopes it would encourage people to go after their dreams, and never to give up despite challenges.

“If you have a dream, and you’re willing to work for it—everyone has a chance to become who you want to be. Everyone has the potential to be great, it depends on whether you want to make that step forward,” said Lai.

This play also features popular local actors and actresses. Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai hopes to provide these talents a chance to perform and gather experience through this play.

“To uncover and nurture local talents is one of the goals of Monspace. If this project is well-received, we would certainly consider having more of such projects in future to help the cast gain exposure,” said Lai.

Besides its first two shows on 18 and 19 June, the public would also be able to catch the play during July. To purchase tickets or for more information, please visit


Monspace集团于2017年6月18日丶19日以及7月7日丶8日以及9日在沙登(Serdang)Hotel Nouvelle的满星云歌剧院(Monspace Theatre )举办一场以拿督斯里赖彩云奋斗历程为蓝本的舞台剧“彩云星意”,而此部舞台剧“彩云星意”也是Monspace集团的首炮精心制作的舞台剧。

拿督斯里赖彩云是马来西亚着名企业家丶杰出女性以及慈善家,她早期以电子商务起家,创办拥有千万名会员的Monspace Mall,随后即以独到的眼光以及商业手腕,将Monspace Mall推向国际。




“只要你心怀梦想,愿意付出心力,不怕艰苦的追求梦想,每个人都有机会变成你想要成为的人,世界上从来都没有什么大人物, 因为每个人都是潜力股,只看你愿不愿意踏出那一步”,拿督斯里赖彩云说道。