MONSPACE Media Entertainment 2017-2018 Sales Strategy and Business Report

MONSPACE Media Entertainment, an entertainment agency founded by MONSPACE in 2014, has risen to be one of the leading agencies in the industry.

Focusing primarily on film making, we ventured into subject development, pre-film production, screenwriting, marketing, filming, and post-film production, making it one of the few integrated media agencies in Malaysia.

We have also created many popular productions across different genres, including romantic comedies, drama, documentary and talk shows.

Not satisfied, MONSPACE Media Entertainment is expanding its reach into multiple sales channels, scouting for talents, training them, and building team that will lead the company into new territories, such as advertising.

With a vision to produce first class entertainment, we are also extending our reach from Malaysia to China, maintaining an international partnership. In recent years, the company has become more active in its investments into new TV shows, aiming to further penetrate Asian markets.

Our strong team of production crew, screenwriters and directors are also involved in the production of our online content.

In 2016, the company invested heavily into several big productions. Three of them that are set to release this year are: Utopia, which will screen in China in May, Blue Storm, and Buddha Web Drama.

In 2017, MONSPACE Media Entertainment is stepping up to produce even more shows, nurture more talents, and custom-make productions for its artists.

As of now, we are working on collaborative pieces between talents from Malaysia and China. One show we are expecting to produce is “Face Off”, with prospective actors such as Godfrey Gao, Wang Yangming, and Lee Wei. This web series will be published in collaboration with X, and will be available in Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Another work in progress is a mystery film, titled City of Mysteries. The cast includes Hong Kong actors Shiu Hung Hui, Oscar Leung, actress Adia Chan, singer Ronald Cheng, Chinese actor Fan Wei, and Malaysian actress Tong Bing Yu.

Furthermore, Chinese TV series “Princess Search” will Chinese TV channel HunanTV. MONSPACE is also working on making it available in Malaysia.

As for celebrities, MONSPACE Media Entertainment has signed on multi-talented actress Winnie K, renowned local hosts Wayne and Wine, and Andrew Lin from the 2016 Astro Star Quest.

Wayne and Wind are currently hosting “Wayne Brothers” one of the most popular game shows on TV, taking audience through all the fun and exciting places in Malaysia. Its official Facebook page has more than 10,000 fans to date.

We are also planning an album for Winnie K by the end of this year, and have invited some of the best local directors to film music videos for the album. Winnie K will also be present at many events hosted by MONSPACE.

Andrew Lin is also set to release an album this year, consisting three songs written by himself. He will also have a famous local director to produce one of his music videos.

The company is planning a mega concert at the end of this year, inviting some of the hottest stars in Asia, including K-pop superstars Big Bang.
Last but not least, we are also concerned about our social responsibilities. In that respect we have made a film for Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter, on top of donating and volunteering for its operations.

MONSPACE Media Entertainment promises to continue delivering quality work, nurturing talents and pushing boundaries; ultimately raising the bar for the entertainment industry in Asia.

梦工厂为Mon Space跨国企业旗下的娱乐经纪公司,自2014年成立以来,短短三年,已是业界的领军娱乐公司之一。






2016年,公司与中国合作推出几部投入巨资的重头制作,例如连续剧《《Utopia》(污脱帮)即将于5月在中国播出丶《Blue Storm》(蓝色风暴)以及Buddha Web drama (释迦摩尼佛大传),三部重头作品皆估计在今年上映。





艺人方面,梦工厂旗下拥有许多演而优唱的全方位艺人,例如着名本地歌手Winne K郭美君丶本地知名的主持人Wayne唐纬颜 与Wind李诗斌丶2016 Astro新秀大赛十强Andrew林宇扬等。

Wayne唐纬颜 与Wind李诗斌所主持的《玩嘢兄弟团》是线上最火红的娱乐节目之一,节目以贴近年轻人的生活方式,全马走透透,介绍时下最热门的吃喝玩乐以及新玩意,其官方脸书不久前突破1万名粉丝。

梦工厂计划在今年为久未推出专辑的Winnie K郭美君量身订做全新专辑,将会邀请国内知名导演执导郭美君专辑中的MV,也将安排郭美君参与各项演出包括Monspace跨国集团所主办的节目。


此外,梦工厂计划于年尾开办一场集合亚洲最红歌手的大型演唱会,韩国着名唱跳男团Big Bang也是公司极力邀约的歌手之一。

梦工厂除了积极策划影视与娱乐节目,也履行其社会责任,为Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter动物庇护所拍摄短片,集团除了捐赠物资外,旗下员工更集体发挥爱心担任该组织的义工,一同加入动物保育的列车。