Monspace hosted a conference titled “HIDUP INSPIRASI HIDUP”

Monspace hosted a conference titled “HIDUP INSPIRASI HIDUP” on 13 July 2019 (Saturday) at the Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The event saw attendants such as entrepreneurs and Monspace users from around Malaysia. This session consists of 5 main parts:

1) DIGITAL ECONOMY by Mr Allan Tang, CEO of CPMall Malaysia
2) Trust.MONSPACE by Dato Sri Stanley Too, CEO of Monspace Bank and Trust
3) MSD NEW EXPEDITION by Mr Danny Lee, Co-founder of MSD
4) UNLEASH THE BULL by Mr Leong, Chief Listing Advisor
5) THE SECRET OF SPIKING by Dr Clemen, CEO of Spiking


1) CPMall Malaysia首席执行官Allan Tan: 数字经济
2) Monspace Bank and Trust首席执行官 Dato Sri Stanley Too : 信任.MONSPACE
3) MSD联合创始人Danny Lee : MSD新长征
4) 集团首席上市顾问Mr Leong先生 : 牛市
5) Spiking的首席执行官Dr Clemen: Spiking 的秘密