Monspace is a company that integrates the Internet + Internet of Things + digital assets + sharing economy + capital market maximization. We are willing to pour in our effort and action to build a sustainable legacy that can benefit generations. We know that time is the best guarantee, integrity is the best seed, and action is the best fertilizer! We work to improve the value of life, to contribute to the world’s economic development, and for the vitality of the earth! This is the reason and value behind our existence!

We know empty talk without action is worthless, that’s why we are clear about:
– What’s a plan
– What are goals
– What is a mission
– What is integrity

Therefore Monspace is purposefully creating a platform for its users, following a plan and achieving each of its milestones; insisting on life inspiring life, to build an enterprise of legacy… that is the Monspace we want to build!

Are you willing to walk this journey with us? Are you willing to support, in words and in action? If you aren’t willing to lend your support, then are you willing to sit back in silence and watch the change? If you are unwilling, then what business do you have with us? Whether you chose to listen, or to follow, or to believe…

Monspace’s goal in 2019 is to keep moving forward, life inspiring life! We are committed to creating wealth for the the ordinaries.



– 什么叫计划
– 什么叫目标
– 什么叫使命
– 什么叫诚信

所以满星云是有计划性的为家人们创造平台,并在过程中不断的达到有利的目标;坚持着用生命影响生命的使命;建立一个永垂不朽的诚信企业…… 这就是我们要打造的满星云!


你吝啬的连鼓励与支持都不愿意的话,那你愿意保持沉默静观其变吗?如果你都不愿意的话 那请问我们要做的又关你什么事?你爱听不听 爱跟不跟 爱信不信,