Monspace“ 2019 Year of the Golden Pig CNY Gala”

Monspace had a filming of the “ 2019 Year of the Golden Pig CNY Gala” on 31 January 2019 (Tuesday) at Putrajaya PICC.

The gala saw the attendance of company staff, users from around the world, company leaders under Monspace Group, and celebrities from across China. Everyone got together for a happy and exciting celebration, sharing wishes and blessings for the new year.

The organisers put in great thought into this year’s event, and curated an exciting line-up of performances that had attendants amused and entertained. Stay tuned for the exciting content!

Before the show began, Dato Sri Jessy Lai shared a 300-minute long “2019 Business Strategy Plan” with everyone. During the session, a number of good news were announced, such as the launching of a new skin care line “PERSONA” with Clara Group. Dean of the Beijing Aerospace Application Technology Research Institute, Mao, also introduced the 2019 direction for Aerospace Skin Care Product “Tian”, and the 2019 direction for Sofo Paradise! As for MSD, a multi-pronged approach, including a comprehensive system upgrade, decentralization, and the establishment of 4 pillars to consolidate the value of the MSD all had attendants impressed and excited.

满星云集团于2019年1月31日(星期二)在Putrajaya PICC进行“2019金猪报喜春节晚会”录影。



在录影开始之前,拿督斯里赖彩云也为大家分享300分钟的“2019策略推介”。在策略推介上宣布了多项好消息 如与高雅集团强强联手推出护肤新品牌 – PERSONA、 也和神飞毛院长推介了航天护肤品-天藻美和索物优体验馆的2019年方向!而MSD方面, 更是多管齐下包括系统全面升级、全面去中性化和设立交易所四金刚以巩固MSD的价值,令在场的出席者振奋不已