Mon Space: Wang Feng, One of China’s most celebrated celebrity present at Mon Space Grand Carnival 2016

Mon Space Monspace Wang Feng China Celebrity at Datuk Seri Jessy lai Mon Space Event in Serdang, 2017 with Malaysian and China fans rowing over the celebrity of "Sing China"

Famous Chinese rocker and judge of Sing China, Wang Feng was just one of the many artists who were overwhelmed by the passionate crowd at Mon Space Carnival, which happened on the 3-4 November 2016, at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS), Serdang, Malaysia.

The concert at Mon Space Carnival featured both local and foreign artists who sang their heart out and serenaded the crowd. More than 50,000 attendees were enthusiastically cheering and singing along to their favourite singers.

Other celebrities present that night were Kif, Dennis Lau, Jaclyn Victor, Elizabeth Tan, Fauziah Latiff, and Malaysia’s very own celebrated actress and national sweetheart Crystal Lee. Supermodel Amber Chia was also present to add fun and cheers to the occasion.