Mon Space in the News – The Star: Health supplements now a click away Online shopping platform enters into partnership with Hong Kong retailer

Excerpt from The Star Newspaper

MONSPACE Multinational Corp and renowned Hong Kong traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and health supplements retailer Royal Medic are collaborating for the first time to promote the sales of health supplements.

The collaboration was announced on Dec 5 at The Langham Hong Kong.

Royal Medic is a retailer of TCM and health supplements and has a long-established reputation for trustworthiness and quality.

Through cutting-edge technology and constant innovation, the brand has harnessed the goodness of TCM, creating a professional and reliable image.

Monspace Multinational Corp first started as an e-commerce platform, which founded Monspace Mall in 2014.

The mall is an online shopping platform offering a range of consumer-driven products from household items to real estate property.

Monspace Multinational Corp chief executive officer Datuk Seri Jessy Lai said food safety was becoming one of the most important issues in today’s world as consumers were becoming more aware and demanding of the quality and health of the food they consume, as opposed to blindly seeking bargains.

“Monspace Mall has always been vigilant about food safety.

“Noticing the global trend for health and wellness, we have decided to seize the opportunity to work with Royal Medic.

“The most popular items on Royal Medic – American Ginseng and abalone – will officially be sold on Monspace Mall,” Lai said.

She added the collaboration with Royal Medic was not only an important milestone for the group but also a vital step in the group’s plan to penetrate the Asia market.

“Monspace Multinational Corp is excited to enter a strategic partnership with Royal Medic.

“We look forward to exploring topics such as quality control, technological innovations and consumer markets,” said Lai.

She also hoped the partnership will further grow Monspace Mall as a health and quality-conscious foodstuff marketplace that advocates a healthy lifestyle.

Hong Kong VIPs present at the press conference included Michael Miu, Michelle Yim, and Maria Cordero.

Miu and Yim are also ambassadors for Royal Medic.