Mon Space 2nd Anniversary: The Concert, Cheering & More

Mon Space Monspace Datuk Seri Jessy Lai Malaysia China 2017 2nd Anniversary Serdang featuring people from Malaysia and China 2017 Concert Serdang MAEPS 2017

Ten multiracial Malaysian artists got their voices together on 4 November 2016 at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS), Serdang, in conjunction with the Mon Space 2nd Anniversary Carvinal. The concert was part of a carnival hosted by Mon Space Multinational Corp. The night saw more than 60,000 attendees enthusiastically cheering and singing along to their favourite local singers – Both from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and many other countries.

The celebrities present that night include Kif, Dennis Lau, Jaclyn Victor, Elizabeth Tan, Fauziah Latiff. Malaysia’s very own celebrated actress and national sweetheart Crystal Lee also charmed the crowd with two songs, “Try Everything” and “Love Yourself”. Supermodel Amber Chia was also made her appearance in a wildly striking red ensemble, inviting cheers and applause from everyone present.


MONSPACE集团10月3日与4日在沙登农业农业展览公园(MAEPS)举办大型嘉年华会,3日当晚的《用马来西亚的声音欢迎你》音乐会聚集了10位大马中巫印裔歌手包括大马偶像jaclyn Victor丶小影后李馨巧丶马来天后Fauziah Latiff等,以马拉松接唱形式一同献声,歌手们精湛的演唱,让观众热血沸腾。