Jessy Lai has offered position as Executive Council Member of Jilin Province’s Overseas Exchange Association

Since its founding in 2014, MONSPACE has been diligently establishing a strong foundation in Malaysia. Due to its great potential, I’ve also led the team to tap into China’s market. It’s been 3 years, and look how far we’ve come!

In the past 3 years, MONSPACE has on multiple instances invited our members from China to visit Malaysia, and the local team has visited China many times in return.

Since becoming vice president of The Association for Promotion of West China Research and Development, I’ve had many opportunities to meet and learn from China’s most successful entrepreneurs. Not only has this broadened my horizon, it has also given me invaluable networking with Chinese businesses.

Recently, I’ve received another great news. Jilin Province’s Overseas Exchange Association has invited me to be their Executive Council Member. The organisation hopes to leverage the strength of MONSPACE to develop more opportunities for cultural exchange.

I am honoured by the offer, and humbly accepted it. I promise not to disappoint on my new role and from now on, I’ll be working to help Jilin Province build business connections with Malaysia, and create more investment opportunities for both parties.