Founder and CEO of the company Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai got married to Monspace

On 1 April (Sunday), Monspace held a “Create Happiness” Wedding in Putrajaya PICC Perdana Hall. Founder and CEO of the company Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai got married to Monspace, and the event was witnessed by leaders and members of the company from around the world. This is the CEO’s promise to all users, clients, partners and staff of Monspace; a show of her commitment to take the company to new heights.

“Create Happiness” is the first time any corporate leader in Malaysia has pledged lifelong allegiance to their company through a wedding. It speaks volume of the CEO’s passion, commitment and effort.

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai also said that longevity is one of her main goals for Monspace. Thinking about longevity is the only way to become excellent. “The key is to create a good corporate culture. Make good workers happy, make your customers feel appreciated, make the society feel accepted; that’s the kind of corporate leader who’s able to look past mere profits.

This buzz-worthy event has caught the attention of many, drawing attendance of users from around the world, and even celebrity friends.

Monspace is a multinational corporation with users from around the world. At this wedding alone, 6 nationalities attended, and the event had to be hosted in Mandarin, English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai.

Many celebrities and artists were invited to perform, including Indonesian songstress Krisdayanti, Hong Kong singer and actress Maria Cordero, and China’s hottest singer right now Li Yugang. He performed the romantic song “Just Met You”, a fitting number for the event.

The highlight of the night was Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai entering the hall in her white bridal gown, initiating the wedding and saying her oaths for the company, under the witness of all of Monspace’s leaders.

Jessy also shared a heartfelt message on the wedding, thanking everyone for their commitment and faithfulness. She promises to give her 100% to the company, and to expand Monspace globally.

Jessy also announced that she will start a series of charity trips from April onwards, as her honeymoon. She intends to channel her happiness to places like Sabah, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia etc by assisting their development projects. Jessy will also be visiting the Rohingya refugee camp in KL to donate necessities and help improve their living conditions.

满星云集团于2018年4月1日(星期日)于Putrajaya PICC Perdana Hall举办了一场盛大的“《创造幸福》彩云世纪婚礼”,正式在全球领导人以及会员的见证下,嫁给集团,誓言尽心力,打造更出色的集团,为会员、客户、合作伙伴以及全体同仁创造幸福,带领集团迈向更高峰!