Famous Canadian violinist Adrian Anantaw featured violin performances

本届的企业峰会邀请了艺人朋友们前来表演,其中集团邀请到了加拿大著名小提琴家Adrian Anantawan进行表演。 Adrian Anantawan在峰会上演奏了许多的世界名曲,他也特别改编了本届峰会的主题曲“心在梦就在(Life Inspiring Life)”,以全新的方式为大家演奏此曲。

The summit this year also featured special performances by celebrities, such as famous Canadian violinist Adrian Anantawan. Anantawan performed many classic and well-known pieces. He also played his own rendition of the summit’s theme song: Life Inspiring life, reinterpreting the song in a new way.