Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai met Director of the Malta Blockchain Hub

To encourage foreign investment, Malta set up the Malta Enterprise. In UK, it is led by Peter P. Meli, its main purpose is to help Malta seek investors abroad, and get them to set up companies locally.

Under Peter’s arrangement, we have set up meetings with various officials from Malta.

On the first day of our arrival in Malta, we met Director of the Malta Blockchain Hub, Mario S Galea; and Director of the Malta Blockchain Advisory, Dr Jonathan Galea to discuss the development and trends of blockchain in the country.

为了更好的吸引外来投资,马耳他成立了马耳他企业管理局(Malta Enterprise),由英国主管Peter P. Meli带领,主要任务是帮助外来企业在马耳他寻找投资,并且帮助它们在马耳他设立公司。


在抵达马耳他的第一天,稍作休息后,我们前后与马耳他区块链机构总监(Malta Blockchain Hub) Mario S Galea以及马耳他区块链咨询(Malta Blockchain Advisory)总监Dr Jonathon Galea会面,探讨马耳他区块链演变趋势。