Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai meet with Officer of the Malta Digital and Innovation Authority

The second day in Malta is still packed!

We met with Wayne Grixti, Chief Technology Officer of the Malta Digital and Innovation Authority, and heard how his organisation assist the Maltese government in providing legal protection and services to foreign companies that come to the country to invest in the blockchain market.

This trip to Malta has opened our eyes to the huge economic opportunities and technological potential in the country. Monspace will proceed to strategize based on our findings from this trip, and pave way for ourselves to penetrate the market.


我们与马耳他数字创新管理局(Malta Digital Innovation Authority)首席主管Wayne见面,听取Wayne讲解该局如何协助马耳他政府为前来该国投资区块链市场的外来企业提供法律保障以及服务。