Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai meet with the Dr. Tamas from University of Physical Education for WCEM 2020

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai and Dr. Lee have travelled to Budapest, Hungary to meet with the Dr. Tamas, Vice Rector for General Affairs of the renowned University of Physical Education.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the 2020 World Conference on Exercise Medicine’s (WCEM) collaboration with the university, and proposed Budapest as the venue for WCEM 2020.

The WCEM team believes that the 75-year-old Hungarian university is WCEM’s most suitable partner. The school was formerly the Royal Hungarian Sports Institute (TF). Founded in 1925, it is currently the leading university in Hungary that provides training for sports coaches and trainers.

The school has an outstanding record of achievement in sports. Currently, 89 of Hungary’s 160 Olympic gold medal winners are alumni of the institution. These awards were won in events including fencing, gymnastics, light boats-canoe, modern Pentathlon, shooting , football, swimming, water polo, wrestling and more.