Dato Sri’ Jessy Lai attended a meeting with held by ECOSOC

On 30 October 2018 (Tuesday), Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai flew to Geneva, Switzerland to attend a meeting with the Director-General of the UNOG held by The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

The ECOSOC was founded in 1945 according to the United Nations Charter. It is one of the six main organisations of the UN, responsible for liaising economic and social work collaborations between the UN and various specialised organisations. They study issues concerning the economy, society, development, culture, education, and healthcare.

In February 2018, ECOSOC held its first meeting of the year, gathering NGOs from around the world to Geneva to discuss each NGO’s developmental project. This time, each NGO has to report their work to ECOSOC, while receiving guidance, suggestions, and auditing on their projects.

Dato Sri Jessy Lai is representing the European Business Assembly (EBA) to attend this UN meeting and due to her outstanding leadership and astute sense of business, the EBA also proposed that Lai become ambassador of EBA to Malaysia. Her duty is to forge a working relationship between the EBA and Malaysian businesses, so the two region can embark on an “Eastern Partnership”.


联合国经济及社会理事会ECOSOC 于1945年依照《联合国宪章》设立,是联合国的六个主要机关之一,协调联合国及各专门机构的经济和社会工作,研究有关国际间经济、社会、发展、文化、教育、卫生及有关问题;就其职权范围内的事务,召开国际会议,并起草公约草案提交联合国大会审议。