Coronavirus :medical experts are advising people to stay calm

Every day, we see news about the spike in coronavirus cases. This has caused global panic, but medical experts are advising people to stay calm. Here are 8 reasons why:

1) It took us 2 years to confirm the very first case of AIDs. Since the coronavirus outbreak, global experts have quickly identified that it is the same family as SARS, hence named it COVID-19.

2) Reports show that the disease causes no symptoms or is mild in 81% of cases. While in the remaining 14%, it can cause severe pneumonia and in 5% it can become critical or even fatal.

3) Since the outbreak, China has been implementing strict and effective isolating measures, which is contributing to a decrease in cases reported. Other countries are also rolling out detailed counteractive measures.

4) Only 3% of cases occur in people under 20, and mortality under 40 is only 0.2%. Symptoms are so mild in children that it can go unnoticed. Experts also tell us that successful treatment rates are 13x higher than mortality rates, and this ratio is improving.

5) More than 700 medical experts wrote articles on PubMed about COVID19 or SARS. They are preliminary works on vaccines, treatments, epidemiology, genetics and phylogeny, diagnosis, clinical aspects, etc.

6) The virus can be inactivated in one minute, using a solution of ethanol (62-71% alcohol), hydrogen peroxide (0.5% hydrogen peroxide) or sodium hypochlorite (0.1% bleach), in just one minute. Frequent handwashing with soap and water is the most effective way to avoid contagion.

7) There are also more than 80 clinical trials analysing coronavirus treatments. These are antivirals that have been used for other infections, which are already approved and that we know are safe.

8) When it comes to prevention, there are already more than eight projects underway developing a vaccine against the coronavirus. There are groups that work on vaccination projects against similar viruses.

Source : World Economic Forum




3) 而自冠状病毒爆发以来,中国在控制和隔离的措施已经奏效,每天诊断出的病例数正在减少。其他国家也正在进行非常详细的控制疫情的方式。

4) 另外,只有3%的病例发生在20岁以下的人群中,而40岁以下的死亡率仅为0.2%。儿童的症状是如此轻微,以至于不引起注意,专家也指出,大多数受感染的案例中成功治愈的病例是死亡的13倍,而且这一比例正在增加。

5) 冠状病毒爆发后,全球大约700位医学专家在PubMed上撰写了许多关于COVID19或是SARS的文章,并且是共享开放的资源,这些文章是有关治疗、流行病学、遗传学以及临床试验的初步工作的文章。

6) 病菌也可以被消除,只需一分钟,即可用乙醇(62-71%酒精),过氧化氢(0.5%过氧化氢)或次氯酸钠(0.1%漂白剂)溶液从表面有效灭活病毒。经常用肥皂和水洗手是避免传染的最有效方法。

7) 此外,疫苗是预防性的。目前,对已经生病的人的治疗很重要。已经有80多个分析冠状病毒治疗的临床试验。这些是已用于其他感染的抗病毒药物,这些药物已被批准并且相当安全。

8) 医学专家设计新疫苗的能力非常出色。已经有八个以上的项目正在寻求针对新型冠状病毒的疫苗。有一些小组致力于类似病毒的疫苗接种项目。