Ant Group officially announced the company had submitted the IPO listing prospectus


不久前,蚂蚁金服(Ant Financial)正式更名为蚂蚁集团(Ant Group),随后蚂蚁集团财务就宣布报捷,今年前6个月的净利润就已达到31亿美元(219亿元人民币),超过去年全年26亿美元(180亿元人民币)的净利。



终于,8月26日,蚂蚁集团正式宣布该集团提交了首次公开发行(IPO)招股文件,尽管蚂蚁集团还未宣布确切的定价以及上市日期,外界就已预估,蚂蚁集团的辉煌战绩致使它有望募得创纪录的300亿美元,很大可能会超过沙特阿美(Saudi Aramco)去年IPO筹集的294亿美元。


而另一项由蚂蚁集团创下的记录则是该集团重磅两地上市将给花旗集团(Citigroup)、摩根大通(JPMorgan)和摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)等华尔街银行总共带来至少3亿美元手续费收入。对于常驻香港的银行家,蚂蚁集团上市可能在香港产生4.5亿美元手续费,创下日本以外亚洲交易的纪录,是10年来最大一笔手续费收入!




In 2020, the Ant Group is always one of the hottest topics in the financial industry as the potential of the Ant Group has repeatedly breaking the records in the financial industries.

Recently, the Ant Financial has been officially renamed to the Ant Group after the announcement of financial report from the finance department of the Ant Group. From the financial report in June 2020, the net profit gained already reached USD 3.1 billion (RMB 21.9 billion), surpassing the net profit of USD2.6 billion (RMB 18 billion) that have gained last year.

Furthermore, yet the Ant Group has not been listed in IPO, but the estimation of the company’s values already reached USD 150 billion, which completely dominating the industry in the world.

Ever since 2018, there are a lot of rumors of the IPO listing for the Ant Group in the industry. On 20 July, the Ant Group announced that they are preparing for their IPO listing in the Sci-Tech Innovation board (Star Market) in A-Share and Hong Kong Stock Market.

Finally, on 26 August, the Ant Group officially announced the company had submitted the IPO listing prospectus. Even the Ant Group have not announced the official market price and listing date, but from the external affairs has estimated the Ant Group with magnificent results previously will surpass the record of USD 30 billion, most likely to surpass the IPO funding of Saudi Aramco, which capped at USD 29.4 billion.

According to the information from the Ant Group, they hope that they can get listed successfully in Hong Kong and Shanghai with at least 10% of the shares are sold. Another piece of information stated that the company is considering selling out 15% of the shares, which cost approximately USD 200 billion to USD 300 billion. From the analysis of external affairs, they have estimated price will be capped at USD 200 billion to 250 billion. If the Ant Group has decided to get listed with the estimated price, the Ant Group will be the largest scale of IPO listing in the world in 2020.

Another greatest achievement of the Ant Group is the IPO listing helped the Citigroup, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and the other banks in the Wall’s Street gained at least USD 300 million of administration fees. For the bankers that are based in Hong Kong, the IPO listing of the Ant Group could help Hong Kong in gaining USD 450 million of administration fees, recorded as the highest gain in the record of the transaction within Japan and Southeast Asia. Also, they have recorded the highest administration fees income in 10 years.

Apart from that, the company also mentioned that they will use 40% of the total IPO funding to proceed with research and development, 30% from the total of the IPO funding to expand the consumer base and the variety of the products while the other 10% from the IPO funding will be used in establishing international businesses.

As for now, the focus is on how Alibaba Group proceeding with the planning of the IPO funding for the Ant Group as Alibaba is one of the shareholders who is holding 33% of the Ant Group’s share. The financial industries are excited and looking forward to the upcoming information release from the Ant Group.