Star-studded Monspace Spring Festival Gala 2020 Ends on High Note 

On 15 January 2020 (Wednesday), Monspace held a Spring Festival Gala at the AsiaWord-Expo, Hong Kong. Users from around the world join celebrities from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to welcome the joyous start of a new year.
This celebration was star-studded, featuring outstanding Monspace leaders and international speakers who shared their secrets to success with users from around the world. Hopefully the new year brings new achievements to everyone in Monspace!
Also present at the Spring Festival Gala were local and Hong Kong artists including the famous Hong Kong artist Michelle Yin, Maria Cordero, local artist Monsterz, JC Jincheng, Shin Kong, Fan Shasha and more.
The night was packed with breath-taking performances, winning rounds after rounds of applause from the audience.
The start of the event saw Chinese cultural performances, such as the Money God giving away red packets, lion dance, dragon dance, and water sleeve dance.
The dance performances were especially captivating!
Dragon and lion dance are an important ritual during Chinese festivals, symbolizing good weather and a bountiful harvest for the season. The performance that night was highly professional, with dancers presenting highly skilled moves such as “dragon chasing the pearl”.
The water sleeve dance further conveys the essence of Chinese dance culture. Commonly performed in Chinese Peking Opera, it contains elements of opera and dance, paired with a unique aesthetic. It dates back as early as the Han and Tang dynasties, when the Water Sleeve Dance first became popular.
The audience was mesmerised by the elegant and fluid movements of the dancers.
After the performances, the global Monspace team, led by CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai and other speakers, sang the theme song of the 2020 Spring Gala together on stage.
Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai then gave a speech on behalf of Monspace: “Every year, Monspace holds an elaborate spring gala gathering users, staff and artists from around the world to celebrate the new year! This is a time of reunion and togetherness. We are here to share our happiness and hope for the future!”
Business presidents who attended the gala include President Chong of Magna Success Leisure, President Nickson Teng of N3 Hotel & Langkawi Goldsands Hotel, President Dr Lee Chee Peng of the MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic, President Yanson Lai of Monspace F&B, President Isaac Nordean of Monspace Singapore, President HP Zhang of CPMall, President Dato Danny Lee of Monspace Indonesia, Director Ibu Evy of Monspace Indonesia, President KL Chen of SOFO Paradise and more.
Furthermore, internationally renowned motivational speakers who attended the Spring Festival Gala include the chairman of the board of directors of China Executive Education Corp. (CECX) and internationally renowned Chinese speaker Liang Kai’en, Asia’s top orator and best-selling author Chen Anzhi, international guru on success Liu Yang, and famed motivational speaker Bo Chenlong who gave motivational speeches to all those who attended the Spring Festival Gala.
The most anticipated activity of the night has to be the lucky draw. To reward the long-time users of Monspace, the company prepared gifts worth more than a million dollars, including 10 MSD2020 999 pure gold coins and more than a hundred other items. Lucky winners expressed that this is the greatest way to start the new year, and they look forward to a whole year of good fortune!
The peak of all performances that night was a Spring Festival Cabaret, showcasing a humorous story set in a theatre in the 60s. Performers include Michelle Yin, Maria Cordero, Mayjune, Vivi, Alana, Wei, LiYang, Ivan and other professional actors.
The cabaret was a big production that brought together famed theatre actors, choreographers and stage designers to create a show that’s both entertaining and artful. The skilled actors pulled out every trick to entice the audience, and took everyone on a thrilling journey.
In addition, the gala also arranged a Miss Asia 2019 tour. Miss Jiang Yu Ting, the winner who hail from Guangdong shared a few words on winning the pageant. Miss Asia is the most well-known pageant contest in Asia, and has jumpstart the career of many celebrities in  Hong Kong, including Yinsan Lai, Veronica Yap, Nina Li Chi, Joey Meng, Christine Ng, Kristy Yang, and Alice Chan.
The winners of Miss Asia 2019 are champion Jiang Yuting from Guangdong, first runner-up Luo Siya from Hong Kong, and second runner-up Wang Yanya from the UAE.
To motivate attendants, Monspace also invited four internationally renowned speakers Liang Kaien, Chen Anzhi, Bo Chenlong and Liu Yang to tailor a series of “Spring Festival Motivational Sessions” for attendants, covering topics such as how to build a team, the future of digital economy, and brand building.
Monspace also shared its key plans for 2020, including Munics Digital Bank, space food, and the public listing of SOFO.
Munics Digital Bank is one of Monspace’s main project in 2020. It also signifies the official entry of the company into a new era of fintech. The goal is to establish a digital bank that can be accessed and used worldwide, providing services such as digital asset management, global asset allocation, digital funds, digital trust, digital asset insurance and more.
Space food is one of China’s most discussed new industry. Realising the potential of the space food industry, Monspace set up a special team to work in collaboration with the Chinese team on development. The Spring Festival Gala also invited Deputy Dean Mao Hongwei from the Beijing Aerospace Application Technology Research Institute, to speak on the future of space food, and explain the collaboration with Monspace.
The Monspace Spring Festival Gala 2020 ended on a high note. Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai led VIPs, CEOs and artists on stage to perform the night’s theme song, wishing all attendants a happy and prosperous new year.
而出席本次春晚的还有本地以及香港一众艺人包括香港著名艺人米雪、肥妈玛利亚、本地艺人Monsterz 怪兽、JC 劲程、Shin Kong康霹欣、范莎莎等,
出席本次春晚的业务总裁包括新毓诚假期(Magna Success Leisure)钟总裁、N3 酒店和兰卡威金沙酒店(N3 Hotel & Langkawi Goldsands Hotel)总裁Nickson Teng、MS 运动医疗诊所(MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic)总裁李志平博士、满星云餐饮业(Monspace F&B)总裁Yanson Lai、新加坡满星云集团(Monspace Singapore)总裁Isaac Nordean、橙宝网(CPMALL)总裁HP Zhang、印尼满星云集团(Monspace Indonesia)总裁Dato Danny Lee、印尼满星云集团总监(Director of Monspace Indonesia)Ibu Evy以及索物优(SOFO Paradise)总裁KL Chen等。
倍受现场观众期待的环节莫过于奖金礼品都十分丰富的幸运抽奖环节,满星云为了回馈一路相伴至今的家人们,准备了价值超过百万的奖品礼金,包括10枚MSD 2020 999纯金限量金币以及超过百份的丰富的奖品,在幸运抽奖环节抽中奖品礼金的家人们纷纷笑言获得了最好的开年礼物,接下来的一年将会事事顺利,丰收一整年!
另外,大会也安排了亚洲小姐 2019 巡礼,来自广东的冠军佳丽江雨婷也发表了其得奖感言。亚洲小姐是亚洲最知名的选美比赛,为香港娱乐圈发掘不少发展颇佳的歌影视艺人,例如黎燕珊、叶玉卿、利智、万绮雯、伍咏薇、杨恭如及陈炜。
亚洲小姐2019的佳丽分别为冠军由江雨婷(广东)摘得、罗思雅(香港) 获得亚军、王骞娅(阿联酋) 获得季军。