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The 2nd World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM)

The 2nd World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM) invited more than 700 medical experts from over 33 countries to attend the conference, discussing 60 key health issues. This year, a wide breadth of topics are covered, including: Breastfeeding & NCD Prevention, Exercise & Behavioural Changes, Exercise & the Elderly, Exercise & Endocrinology. Medical experts attending […]

Clarification: Monspace Has NEVER Create Any Investment Plan

We have received inquiries about the said “investment scheme”. We want to clarify that we have NEVER created any investment plan. We urge the public not to believe in false claims online. 我们再一次的收到许多询问关于以下的投资计划,而我们再次强调,集团并没有销售任何投资计划,恳请民众切勿轻信不实流言。

WCEM Interview @Bernama-Tv today

WCEM Interview @Bernama-Tv today. Thanks for having us. 2nd Conference will start from this 24th – 26th September!! Visit our website to find out more about us Tel: +6 03 8080 1098 WCEM Interview @ BernamaTV WCEM Interview @Bernama-Tv today. Thanks for having us. 2nd Conference will start from this 24th – 26th September!!Visit […]

Clarification: Fake “MONSPACE” APP listed on the Google Playstore by Hextracoin

We have received some other inquiries about the legitimacy of another “MONSPACE” APP listed on the Google Playstore which was developed by an company claimed as Hextracoin. Again we would like to stress that this app is NOT developed by the company, and we had no prior knowledge of this app’s existence until now. This […]

Monspace Indonesia Launches MSP Life

Monspace Indonesia Launches MSP Life, a Shopping Guide App Made Specially for its Customers This app has three main strengths. Firstly, users can attain information about the latest product updates or sales, and collect loyalty points for rewards. Secondly, the shop owners themselves can maximise user growth, and thirdly our business partners can also help […]

Monspacemall expand buisness at Singapore

Riding on the trust and support of our users, Monspacemall is once again expanding! This time, we turn our eyes to the financial heart of Southeast Asia—Singapore! Monspace Mall has set up an office at Singapore’s golden business district arc 380. It is currently under construction, and we will officially launch in Singapore once it […]

Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

Monspace is a multi-cultural, multi-religion corporation. We welcome everyone, of all nationalities, religion, race and background to join our family, using love to transcend all language and cultural barriers. In August, we usher in an important Muslim festive, Hari Raya Haji. On this beautiful season, we would like to wish all our Muslim friends and […]