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Chinese Bottled-Water Giant Surges in Hong Kong Debut

The segment of agriculture and aquaculture are the most fundamental industries in the world. Besides, human civilization also began with the cultivations of plantations and agriculture. The sources such as vegetables and fruits, grains, water supplies, and poultries products are the most essential elements for people to survive. The segment of agriculture and aquaculture are […]

Datuk Sri Jessy Lai was selected as the Outstanding Personalities Modern Times by EBA

Global NCD Activist, Dato Sri Jessy Lai has been selected as the Outstanding Personalities of Modern Times by The European Business Assembly, Oxford for her contributions towards global health and education. European Business Assembly was founded in Oxford, England in 2000. It is an independent business association focusing on economic, social, and humanitarian issues. EBA’s […]

King Henry VIII College

MONSPACE enters the education field, ready to nurture leaders of tomorrow! MONSPACE cares deeply about education, and believes in giving back to the community. To help nurture leaders of the future, it has entered a partnership with the prestigious King Henry VIII College, hoping to produce bright talents for the world. King Henry VIII College […]

Monspace and Yong Tai Bhd are jointly launching a new project named The Dawn Impression City

Malacca is a famous historical city in Malaysia, and has been officially listed as a World Heritage site. The state was also listed on TripAdvisor as one of Malaysia’s top 10 destinations. Internationally, this city is ranked before cities such as Sydney, Lisbon and Barcelona. TIME Magazine also named Malacca as one of the world’s […]

Business Highlight: MAGES MEDICA

MAGES MEDICA was established in the spring of 2018. The founder, Dato’ Raymond, had invested in saffron plantations in Iran in 2009. Monspace then joined the venture as a global partner producing saffron products, using its global operations to contribute to mankind. Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, and has […]

Business Highlight: MyCPMall

MyCPMall is a cross-border social e-commerce platform built on the theme of sharing. The multilingual platform has users from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. MyCPMALL leverages big data and technology to create shared value, helping merchants reduce stocking requirements, bringing benefits to consumers, while striving to build a high quality […]

Monspace have donated face masks and daily necessities to IPD Serdang

As we enter phase 4 of MCO, local law enforcement continues to risk their safety outdoors protecting our cities, while we stay sheltered at home. To aid the police in their work and contribute to public health, we have donated face masks and daily necessities to IPD Serdang (Serdang District Police Headquarters) , to be […]

Goldsands Hotel Langkawi will officially change management

Monspace Multinational Corp. has been rapidly expanding in the past years and have set foot in various parts of the world. To better focus our resources, Goldsands Hotel, Langkawi formerly under Monspace, will be acquired by a more suitable company. We hope the new management of the hotel would build on its former success and […]