MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic and UniSHAMS collaberated to reduce NCD

The main purpose of the collaboration between MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic and UniSHAMS is to reduce the cases of non-communicable diseases (NCD), especially diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

The clinic was developed and operated by the team from MSNSEC. It provides free service for patients directed from the Kuala Ketil Clinic, almost all of whom are living with diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity.

The rising incidence of non-communicable diseases is increasingly worrying. In ASEAN, Malaysia has the highest prevalence of noncommunicable diseases.


这个运动诊所由MS 运动医疗诊所负责研发, 将免费接待来自吉打Kuala Ketil诊所的病人,而转诊的病人几乎都患有NCD前期糖尿病、高血压和肥胖症。非传染性疾病节节上升的情况越来越令人担忧, 马来西亚是东盟地区非传染性疾病最高患病率的国家。