Business Highlight: MAGES MEDICA

MAGES MEDICA was established in the spring of 2018. The founder, Dato’ Raymond, had invested in saffron plantations in Iran in 2009. Monspace then joined the venture as a global partner producing saffron products, using its global operations to contribute to mankind.

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, and has remarkable effects on beauty and health, enough to set off a new revolution in the industry.、

MAGES MEDICA 成立于2018 年春,创始人Dato’ Raymond 于2009在伊朗投资了藏红花种植园,同时满星云跨国集团也加入成为全球合作伙伴, 以藏红花为原料生产产品,通过遍及全球的业务为人类福祉做贡献。

95% of all global saffron production comes from Iran. MAGES MEDICA’s saffron production accounts for 7-8% of the world’s total production of 360 tons. With more than 850 acres of saffron plantation in Iran, it is the largest saffron producer in Asia.

Since its establishment, MAGES MEDICA has been focusing on the research and development of life sciences and technology. Through results-oriented strategies, they extract natural ingredients of saffron, while being committed to the development of safe, reliable and effective skin care products and health for all.

Iranian saffron can usually be divided into five different grades. Mages Medica only produces 2 of the highest grades: Saffron Negin and Saffron Sagol.

藏红花是世界上最为昂贵的香料之一, 兼具美容和健康之显着功效,足以掀起行业新革命。

MAGES MEDICA拥有医药等级的品质管控实验室,每批藏红花都经过实验室的严格测试并获得国际标准化组织 (ISO)证书。

伊朗藏红花平常能够大抵分为五个差别的等级,而Mages Medica只种植特级伊朗藏红花 Saffron Negin和一级藏红花Saffron Sargol。